• WhAt WE aRE

    A next-generation entertainment concept, key to reversing the tide of the e-commerce consumer drain facing shopping malls today. Giving shoppers a reason to come, be social, and reinvigorate consumer interest in location-based consumption.

    Planet O

    is the next and greatest leisure obsession. We combine first-person live attraction entertainment with the next generation of gaming, and presented in a setting that reaches into the future of technology and theming; Planet O presents an all-new Entertainment Experience

    like never before.

  • Entertainment


    Planet O takes the magic of

    location-based entertainment

    and re-imagines it in a modern,

    engaging, and high-tech style.

    Featuring attractions from first-person

    interactive experiences, to fully immersive,

    multi-perspective VR, AR, and eSports challenges

    in a real-life sensory experience.

  • O2R Gaming

    Planet O customers will have the opportunity to supercharge their gaming experience by bringing their online and at home gaming passions to real-life ‘On the Big Screen’ at our incredible midway attraction. Customers can go O2R (online to reality) through our cooperation with internet and mobile gaming companies that allow customers to play the hottest and most recent gaming crazes unlike they could ever experience simply online or at home. Players will delight in the opportunity to challenge their competitors to a public duel for the right to claim victory! Login to your Planet O member account on-the-go to build up loyalty and experience points that you can use later for gaming power-ups, prizes, and special features; then when preparing for game play at Planet O, members connect for play using their memberships to unleash their customized profiles and special features.

    These fantastic new features will allow for the user to stay engaged with Planet O between visits to our facilities and provide members with live O2R information keeping their entertainment passions relevant and at top of mind awareness.

  • EVEntS & MEDIA

    Planet O is built on a foundation of master event planning, hosting, and media cooperation. Our corporate DNA consists of expertise in hosting an infinite variety of events, from large to small scale and in every variety; from boxing and MMA to Charity events, movies and television shows, to corporate and private parties.


    At Planet O we offer experiences attendees won’t

    find online or in other establishments. To make our events even more fun and enticing we love to ‘cross-pollinate’ with other epic or emerging brands to create

    a win-win situation for Planet O, our partners, and

    real estate providers.Build long-lasting personalized

    relationships with your customers and friends

    in a meaningful and memorable way.